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Beloved Sites -- Add them to your profile!

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Sadri She/Her Australia
The Conductress Roleplay Admin Resource Admin Roleplayer Writing Wrangler Theme Tinkerer Code Engineer

Shiny shiny button time!

You may have noticed that my mini profile in forums now proudly displays a site button! You can also show your site pride for up to three sites by adding them to your user profile!

To do this, go to your profile, and select "edit profile" from the top-right of the banner.

You'll see a new section called "beloved sites", and six fields beneath it. That's a link field and a button link field for each site that you would like to show off. Just make sure that you put Site One's link with Site One's button -- and so on. Or there may be chaos! The world might disintegrate into ash or something, who knows.

Images should be the 88x31 affiliate buttons.

You may link to any roleplay site, resource site, or other page that you'd like to show off. Please do not link to adult content (excepting 18+ roleplay sites).

These buttons will also be used as part of another feature that is in development... stay tuned!

Have fun, guys!

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