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What is the Leaflets forum for?

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Sadri She/Her Australia
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What is "Leaflets"?

This forum is dedicated to gathering interests for ideas that are not fully developed. The sorts of things you might post in here are:

  • Ideas for new roleplay communities
  • Ideas for new non-roleplay communities
  • Ideas for characters, or plots you would like to run
  • Ideas for stories or other projects you want to sound-out with a community
  • Ideas for graphics, skins, or other resources that you would like feedback on
  • Basically anything that is still in the development/idea stage that needs extra eyes and opinions to help flesh out the project

What you cannot post in here:

  • Links to active and complete communities
  • Links to communities that are in development
  • Links to "buzz" services for communities already in development
  • Any content that breaches the community guidelines for RPG-Connect

Posting and bumping

You may post a Leaflet topic only once for each idea you are seeking feedback on. However, you may reply and bump the topic as follows:

  • If another user has responded to the topic, you may reply
  • You may bump the topic once every seven days if you are the user last to post in the topic


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