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Guest Advertising Rules

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Guest Advertising Rules

Not ready to join? That's okay, we've got this here guest-friendly advertising forum for you. Like most guest-friendly forums, this one has a few rules. They're simple, and pretty standard!

What we allow

  • Any community website that is primarily focused on roleplaying, or resources for roleplaying sites. 
  • Sites based on any software are welcome to post.
  • Mature sites are welcome to post, provided there are appropriate content warning tags in your advertisement.
  • Sites posted in this forum should be from guests only. Members may post elsewhere in the Billboards section of RPG-Connect.

What we require

  • We must be able to advertise back! The exception is if you post our advert for us.
  • Check your coding. You can find the preview button on the editor toolbar (it looks like this 42f7ef59e91eaf73b6df284e8f5904a0.png

When you can re-post

  • Adverts in this forum are automatically wiped seven days after posting. Once your previous advert is gone, you may post a new one.
  • Want something a little more permanent? Consider registering to add your site to the resource or roleplay site directories!

Who can affiliate

We do accept affiliation from other resource/roleplay communities! If you would like to be included in the special fellow resources box on our site index, check out the Listing A Resource Site topic to get our button code.

Once you've got our button in a static place on your site index, PM @Sadrienne with your site name and button code!

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