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Top Submitters - In Beta!

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Sadri She/Her Australia
The Conductress Roleplay Admin Resource Admin Roleplayer Writing Wrangler Theme Tinkerer Code Engineer

Last night I said there would be a fun use for those shiny buttons you can have in your mini profile.

I'm pleased to announce that the Top Submitters system is ready to be tested! (and probably broken, but it shall be un-breaken!)

Top Submitters is essentially a leaderboard that tracks participation across key areas of the site. Those areas are:

  • Resource submissions (Codes, Themes and Documentations) - 2 points each
  • Reviews (for Resource and Roleplay Sites, Codes, Themes and Documentations) - 2 points each
  • Requests (for Affiliates, Character Adoptions, Employment and RPG Search) - 1 point each
  • Referrals (for new members joining RPG-Connect who post an introduction thread) - 10 points each

At this stage it's very basic and only one leaderboard is available. Once we've fine tuned (broken) this one, I will be adjusting the code so that the primary leaderboard resets at the beginning of every month, thus allowing a level playing field for new members and those just starting to create their own resources.

A "Top Submitters of All Time" leaderboard will also be created, because that is wonderful data.

REMEMBER: You don't need to add a credit linking back to RPG-Connect to submit your resources here. For those who want to, we absolutely appreciate it! But it's not required. Your resources belong to you.

But what do you get for being on the leaderboard?

That's where the shiny shiny buttons come in. The buttons you've added to your member profile under "beloved sites" will display under your leaderboard entry. The more you submit, the higher you climb the ladder -- the more prominent your site buttons.

How do you get points?

The system is automatic. Once your resource, request, or review is approved, the database will recieve your participation and the points will be recorded. You don't need to worry about anything there!

If your resource, request or review is approved but the points do not appear, please PM me!

Referrals are a tiny bit different.

When you refer a new member, make sure they know to enter your username when they create their introduction topic. There is a field in the posting box they can fill out, and this is what the system checks to see if the new member has been referred, and who they have been referred by.

This does mean that referred members will need to create an introduction topic.

Again, if the system doesn't recognise the referral, please PM me!

Looking forward to seven hundred thousand bug reports!

I'm pretty excited about this feature (it made me swear a lot) and I hope you guys enjoy it!

Love always,

Your Sadri.

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