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  1. Updates We have finally released our "lights on" skin. If you're not a fan of dark skins, we have you covered with this new bright skin. If you have any issues with it, please reach out to our staff team so that we can remedy the problem. Our Fall Fest has kicked off and we're having a great time! Come join in on our fun! There is also a fun new badge involved. There are also other new badges that have been added to our awards claim, so make sure to check that out as well! We are still looking for a new community moderator! If you're interested feel free to PM Poe here on connect or over on Prowl directly. Key Canons Wanted Dominic Gears - 34 - Charles Michael Davis - Lycanthrope Pack Alpha - Lycanthrope Dominic has been around the world quite a bit, unable to settle in a pack for his younger years he's finally changing his tune. He's tried being a part of packs in the past but always ended up going lone again. He helped Seth Mercant learn the ins and outs of being a lone wolf when they first crossed paths in the United Kingdom. Now crossing paths years later they've teamed up to help a pack in need and Dominic has taken up the role of Alpha. He wants to be a better Alpha than others he's seen and take a more open and modern approach to pack leadership. -- Holvart - 1220 - Cara Delevigne - Lindgren Vampire Nest Leader - Vampire Don't let her youthful appearance fool you, Holvart is the oldest vampire in the area. As such she's lost all sense of humanity and views mortals as nothing more than fleeting amusements. At times she can be distant and lose herself in her thoughts, sometimes disappearing for weeks or months on end. Time does not flow for her. But when push comes to shove she is a very dangerous vampire who will not tolerate foolishness from the young. --- Novarro - 742 - Michiel Huisman - Nguyen Nest Leader - Vampire Leading the Nguyen Nest is Novarro who has also invested in two night clubs in Freedom Falls, one of which is his flagship for the Vampires community and unsuspecting Humans. Crossing Novarro is never advised as he tends to think half a dozen steps ahead and has back ups for nearly everything. He hasn't let himself fall into the complacency of centuries of age, instead keeping active in the modern world. -- Drake - 45 - Nathan Fillion - Skyline Institute CEO - Human After the death of his wife, Drake was left with two baby girls to raise all on his own. Little did he know that at least one of those children held incredible gifts. Drake lived in New Orleans the majority of his adult life with his two daughters. These girls were his everything after losing the love of his life. He did everything he could for them, even when he didn't really know how to handle the gifts and it hurt him greatly when his eldest ran off with a boy to another state. It hurt him even more when he found out that things had gone horribly in that situation. Drake felt helpless, and thus he did the only thing that he could do, he wrote. After publishing several best selling novels, he decided that he would put the money towards something great for the gifted community. He would start a school, where they could learn to use their gifts. He would use it to bring together the gifted community, so that they could learn from each other. The only thing that held him back, was wondering where to start this school. When his eldest ended up in Freedom Falls, it all became clear to him. Drake would start this school in Freedom Falls. So, while the Lycan pack began rebuilding Drake began creating the skyline institute. ---- Malcom - 45 - Sherri Saum - Mayor of Freedom Falls - Human Malcom spent the majority of her young childhood going to school and being an all around perfect child. Once she graduated from high school she took the next step and acquired a law degree. With this degree she practiced law in the state of Maine for several years as a criminal prosecutor. She met her husband at a local coffee where they hit it off immediately, a year after their meeting they were married with a child on the way. Malcom gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and was living a happy and normal life. That was true, until Malcom was assigned a rather peculiar case that involved a local vampire nest. After she did everything in her power to make sure the victim saw justice, the vampires took the attack as personal and hit Malcom where it would really hurt. They killed her husband in the dead of night, draining his blood. A hunter approached her after this and told her of the supernatural world, in order to gain her favor. The pair then constructed the idea that Malcom would run for mayor of Freedom Falls, and they would use her power to eradicate that supernatural world. To read more about our canons,including those not featured click here. Featured Want Ad Haven Bar and Restaurant is in need of some employs. It is currently the most popular bar or restaurant in town. It is also the most employed location on the board giving characters ample opportunities to interact. To read more about employment with Haven click here Closing That is all we have for you lovely people! If you have any questions feel free to ask!