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    An AU, post-Volume 3 RWBY roleplay.

    Site Information

    An AU, post-Volume 3 RWBY roleplay. We allow canon and original characters. Currently, we are set 2 years after the conclusion of Volume 3, with some changes to divert us from the direction of Volume 4/5 and the continuing RWBY storyline.

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    Account System
    • Account Per Character
    Age To Join
    • 18
    Trigger Warnings
    • Yes
    Other Features

    - Facebook page

    - Hosted podcasts

    Character Types
    • Fandom Canons
    • Original Characters
    • Site Canons
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    Play-by Types
    • Animanga
    • Original Art

    Humans, Faunus, Androids.

    Applications & Posting
    Application Types
    • Traditional Character Profile
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    • Third Person
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    • Templates Not Required
    • Site-Specific Templates Available
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    Activity Requirements

    Members are expected to post at minimum once every two weeks for each character but are primarily expected to communicate absences if they are unable to make the requirements or cannot make the requirements for an Activity Check.

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    We do not allow advertisements from Forumotion sites.

    Latest Updates

    Currently looking for staff and mentors going into the release of Volume 6 of RWBY.


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