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    World of Pern is a canon Dragonriders of Pern. Set on the brink of the Fourth Pass and following the re-establishment of the Northern Weyrs after a catastrophic landslide in the South, which took out a large portion of the Dragonriders, World of Pern focuses on character development and exploration, with occasional site-wide plots thrown in to shake up the whole planet! We are an 18+ community, and have been around since 2012.

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    • Discord Server
    • Guest Advertising - All Softwares
    • Shop System
    • Linked Accounts / Character Mod
    Account System
    • Account Per Character
    Age To Join
    • 18
    Trigger Warnings
    • Yes
    Other Features

    - Fun collectable Achievement stamps
    - Optional Monthly thread topics
    - 3 PC Hatchings every year for on-screen Impression
    - Many, many available dragons for adoption
    - All types of ranks available
    - Potential for a fourth Weyr to open!

    Character Types
    • Original Characters
    • Site Canons
    • Player Adoptables
    Play-by Types
    • Not Required
    • Real Life
    • Actors
    • Models
    • Child Actors


    Bondables include dragons attached to the main human account as secondary characters, and bondable pets, Firelizards.

    Applications & Posting
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    • Traditional Character Profile
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    • Minimum Word Count
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    • Third Person
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    World of Pern has a relaxed attitude about activity and maintaining characters. We enjoy playing them as the story calls for them, and do not expect people to keep all their characters 'active' with standards such as X posts a week or month. Some characters might get threads several times a week, others might only thread a couple times every six months. Whatever works for them!

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    Tit for Tat - if we can't do it on your site, don't do it on ours.

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    We are small, but we are dedicated!

    While we only boast a member base of under ten active players, we have more than seventy characters for new and old faces alike to play with! We have fun mini events for those that want to take part, including monthly 'prompts' to encourage different characters to get together, or to put regular threaders into interesting circumstances! 

    Our members are friendly, engaged and dedicated! There are new posts almost every day, though we have no requirements on people's time. Threads and posts are interesting to read, and you can really get a feel for each different character. Its a lot of fun and I personally really enjoy reading everyone's threads. Because we all play so many characters, its also a great way to hint at what our other character's are up to, even when they're not actively in play!

    Pern turns seven in a few months, and I'm so proud of how far we've come. We've told so many amazing stories, and we've seen so many characters grow up! We couldn't have ever come so far without an amazing cast of Players, both those still with us, and those who passed through our gates on their own personal journey.

    I am so proud of everything Pern is, and has become. I'm so proud of our community, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the future years bring us in stories and adventures! ❤️

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