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    What sort of place would Hogwarts be if Harry Potter had never had to fight Lord Voldemort? Or better yet - what if Harry Potter never existed? Wizarding Realm is a present day, alternate universe roleplaying site that takes place within that same wizarding world, yet without any of the history or legend of the Boy Who Lived. Open to all levels of writers, Wizarding Realm allows you to throw yourself headfirst into that magical world - everything from classes to Quidditch to getting in trouble with your house prefect! Ultimately it's all in your control. You decide what sort of wizard or witch you want your character to be.

    Site Information

    Wizarding Realm is an alternate version of the Harry Potter Universe we all know and love. Harry Potter and the events of the books themselves have never actually taken place here; this offers a great amount of freedom for you, the member, to drive your own stories, plots, and developments without having to worry about the canonical events of the books. There is no real overarching plot as we leave most of that in your capable hands, but we do offer Site Events every term to help add to the wonderful experience that WURR has to offer.

    The majority of our site is centered around the castle itself (that's located in Scotland!) but we do have other forums that give students a way to escape the norm every now and again. There are also options to play out events as adults, from the past, from way in the future, or even in different universes altogether! THE CLASH is also an additional plot line that we offer for life after Hogwarts as a way to get your character involved in something that is perhaps bigger than themselves.

    Whatever you're looking for and wherever you may want to go, WURR has a place for you to tell your story!

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    Other Features

    Hogwarts Sorting: RPing a Hogwarts student wouldn't be the same without getting sorted into one of the four fantastic houses. When you join, one of our admins will have a look at your profile and sort your character based on their traits and personality!

    Pets: All student characters are allowed to have a cat, toad, rat or owl as pet! Although, if you wish to have any other sort of non-magical animal as a pet, all you need to do is to submit a short application for our admin team to review, and if you want an extra special magical pet (because kneazles are cute, aren't they?), the Ranking system allows you to request one of those as well!

    Ranking System: Wurr provides a unique Ranking System where our members can submit they characters' profiles and posts for reviewing. The objective of this is to help each other improve in our writing and character development by providing feedback in a friendly and helpful manner. Ranking up also comes with a variety of different in-site rewards (such as special characters and access to restricted forums) depending on one's rank.

    Wandmaking: One of the more unique features of Wurr is our Wandmaking forum, where members can submit can application for their characters and have our wandmakers create a unique wand based on the personality and traits of the character in question. We have a guide of canon and HP lore-based wand woods and cores, and we're always open to more suggestions for additions and changes!

    Character Development Challenges: Also known as CDCs, these are fun challenges ranging from Playlists and Moodboards to School IDs and Instagram Profiles, through which you can tell us more about character in an entertaining and unique way that doesn't necessarily involve writing.

    Clash Era: While Wurr in itself doesn't follow a particular plotline and is member driven, Clash is a portion of the forum which takes place 8 years in the future. This follows the plot of a wizarding world split in a war between two factions, where your own character can join the action and choose their own faction!

    Post WR Era: This section of the board is dedicated to role playing out the happenings in the future, through the eyes of the next generation of characters.

    Term Events: With new terms always come exciting new events in which every member can participate!

    Term-centered House Cup:  Every time you write a post with your character you can earn points for their Hogwarts house! Of course, the house that wins each term earns some rewards 😉

    And much more!

    Character Types
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    Play-by Types
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    • Minor Celebrities
    • Child Actors

    Human wizard/witch characters are available to all members. New members may only create students but professors are also available after becoming more familiar with the site and class system.

    Through our Ranking System members can obtain the option to create the following as incentive:

    • Ghosts
    • Clash Era specific characters (A portion of our forum set 8 years in the future)
    • Half-beings 
    • Characters with a certain magical ability (Metamorphmagi, Animagi, Parselmouth, Seers, etc)
    • Magical Creatures (from Harry Potter canon or originals that fit with our site lore)
    • Hogsmeade Residents 
    • ...And more!
    Applications & Posting
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    Activity Requirements

    Members of Wurr are not required to post a certain amount in order to be considered active. Accounts are never deleted or shelved!

    However, there are minimal posting requirements for characters in order to maintain their face-claims in our directory.

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    Everyone is welcome ❤️

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    • Currently in Fall Term!
    • Two term events currently in progress! 

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