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    A modern-supernatural site that takes place in the rural areas of a fictional town, Valhaven, Colorado. A variety of creatures have flocked to this place and it's becoming a supernatural stronghold, yet the humans aren't aware of their presence...not yet.

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    The small town of Valhaven, located in the state of Colorado, is known for its fair share of oddities, rumors and downright unsettling reputation. In a world where Vampires, Werewolves and other supernatural beings are nothing more than scary story figures, no one would believe this tiny town was prone to housing a variety of those creatures. To the ignorant, Valhaven is just a coincidental place where coincidental things happen, but to those who believe...Valhaven is nothing more than a breeding ground for something truly scarier than any storybook you've ever read. The monsters are real, the monsters are here. Are you against them? Or are you one of them?

    Welcome to Valhaven, if you don't believe me now, you will soon enough.

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    Activity here is very important, we require one in character post (per character) once every two weeks. We also have monthly activity checks starting from the first of the month and ending at the end of the 7th. 

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    We are nearing in on our two year anniversary! How exciting is that?

    Valhaven is also getting ready to launch a new Halloween themed event/prompt that members are more than welcome to participate in! 

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    I haven't had the enjoyment of being on a drama-free public roleplay site in a long time!  Everybody on Valhaven is incredibly inviting, both with general chit chat as well as fantastic character plots!  The site is very character driven, with a few 'larger' plots helping to move things along.  Activity is high, given there is a minimum activity requirement, so there is always something to reply to!  Valhaven is more than just a roleplay site.  It's a community where we can all come together ❤️ 

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    Bias review INCOMING! Valhaven may be a small community but the staff and members are active, friendly and always willing to jump in on plots! Newcomers beware, threads and ideas will be tossed at you left right and center at this member-driven forum!

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    Hey there! I'm one of the members of this site and have been around since the beginning, back in November 2016 (holy pants almost 2 years already, really?!). I have honestly loved my time around the site so far, there's always a variety of events and plots to get involved in. New and old members alike are always welcoming and wanting to play with the newbies that join. The staff are just downright awesome, and the key to why VH has been running for as long as it has. There are monthly activity checks and post requirements, but personally, I don't think they ask much of you; just a bare minimum for being in a forum rp. They do seasonal events and the town feels very much alive with a wide variety of locations and characters to explore! What are you waiting for? Come and play with us!

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