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    Welcome to the devil's playground You can tread where demons play. It's your Candyland where dreamers dance And I promise that it's safe.
    Welcome to the devil's playground You can look and you can touch. It's a real fine day at the black parade And I swear it won't cost much.

     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Vampires, werewolves, and Witches oh my! London has been home not only to the Cold Ones but to the Children of the Moon as well for many many years. Things, however, have been changing in the most recent years. A shift in the power that kept everything in balance. And this shift in power could mean the end of everything the supernatural community has known.


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    This isn't the same city you remember. Sure it might look the same on a quick glance but so much is changed that you probably wouldn't see what's new even if you went looking for it. And truthfully its all due to an unfortunate turn of events. While the Camarilla has always been at the top holding the reigns and keeping the Vampire Community as a whole safe from the mortal world they're no longer a part of, things have been rough as of late.

    In the six months that have passed, the chaos that had gripped the city of London by its throat has passed. Control has been reclaimed by the Camarilla and those considered to be the problems have been dealt with accordingly.  There are rumors however that while the Sabbat managed to get a foothold into the city during the chaos, they weren't the only ones. Rumors going around the Kindred grapevine, that a few Werewolves have been spotted within the city and if the rumors are to be true, everything is about to change once more. 

    Something strange is going on. There is a feeling in the air, one that seems to have put most of the supernatural world on edge. Balances have been tipped and not everything is as it was.

    There has been an influx of witches going missing, starting with the disappearance of a well-known witch in the area and the complete destruction of his shop. Nobody is quite sure whether the two things are interconnected; but, it seems a bit too... convenient to be a coincidence. There are ongoing searches for the missing witches, both by the human and supernatural worlds - as the humans just know members of their towns' population are missing, while those who are a bit more than just human know that those that are missing are more than just townspeople, but witches.

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    We're currently kicking October off with a set of Halloween Events.


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