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  • Star Wars: Infinite Shadows

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    SWIS is an AU Star Wars roleplay forum set 800 ABY with the goal to have the forum's plot and lore created mainly by it's members. The goal is to create a fun an sandbox feel to the roleplay aspect of it all. 

    Site Information

    SWIS is an AU Star Wars RP site looking to keep roleplaying in the SWU easy and comfortable for new comers while also allowing veterans the ability to really dig into the rich lore of Star Wars. The concept is to produce a sandbox feel in the Star Wars universe allowing as much of already created Canon lore to be used and allow members to shape the board the way they best see fit. Staff is expected to only interfere when needed to help lead the board and make sure it is a friendly environment for all. We do not consider Disney's Canon to be site Canon. We only use EU(Expanded Universe)/Legends Canon. This, however, does not mean certain aspects can be brought over from Disney's Canon into our AU. The Force, Jedi, and Sith are all considered myths and legends, until now.   

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    All Star Wars species are allowed except for those that are extinct. Species creation is in the works.

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    Latest Updates

    SWIS has grown, and we have a lot of activity going on compared to when the site first started. We are now honoring our first month of activity with our first event! Call of the Force! We have our first minor faction, the Chiss Ascendancy and eagerly await for more! A Lore and Technology creation area is currently being fleshed out for use. We have gained a new member of Staff, and even have a member helping out with the event! 


    Another update, SWIS just got a make over!!


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