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    The Death Weapon Meister Academy was originally founded by Death with the purpose of preventing the rise of powerful Kishin with the ability to consume the world in tides of madness. DWMA also existed for the purpose of hunting down the destructive Witches and their Sorcerer counterparts led by the Grand One. Thus began a long and brutal war between the Meisters along with Weapons of the DWMA and the Witches, Sorcerers, and Kishin Eggs. This three-way war lasted for several years, with neither side being able to claim a decisive victory over the other. Over time, however, the war began to turn against the DWMA.

    While Maka and her allies were on the moon dealing with Asura, the Grand One led an army of Witches and Sorcerers against Death City itself. Most of the remaining Meisters and Weapons were killed with Maka and her friends or captured, with only Death himself and a handful of followers escaping the destruction of the once proud city. With their hated enemies now broken and removed, the Witches and Sorcerers assumed dominion over the world and began the process of remaking it in their image. Or so they tried to do, though their numbers were cut down as well and the Witches Realm destroyed.

    Ten years have passed since the destruction of Death City and the Witches Realm. The Witches and Sorcerers have free reign over the world since they began the rebuilding of their Realm, and Kishin Eggs prey upon the populace with complete abandon. With ten years to spread messages of hate and distrust for Meisters and Weapons, the Witches have ensured that even should the DWMA return, the world will not view them as heroes, but with suspicion. Madness is rampant due to the long absence of a force to stand against it and the world has become a darker place, yet all is not lost! What was once thought to be a dead organization has returned to continue the fight. Death has returned with a new generation of Meisters and Weapons and has reclaimed Death City to be a base of operations and a beacon of hope for the world. The DWMA has returned and with it a chance to free the world from the spread of madness.

    But now, the unexpected has happened! Over time, Asura being bound to the moon has corrupted it, causing it to bleed onto the Earth and spread madness at an alarming rate, creating mindless zombies infused with nothing but madness. These beings roam the earth, infecting everyone they can get their hands on while the new Kishin of Earth, Lilith assists with the spread of madness in hopes to reshape the world in her own image.

    A new war is about to begin. Would you stand with Death and fight to return the world to what it once was? Join the Kishin in spreading madness to the world? Or will you join with the Grand One to crush what little resistance remains? Meisters, Witches, Weapons, Kishin, Sorcerers, and Monsters, the choices that you make will shape and perhaps reshape the world as it now exists.

    Welcome to the Madness...

    Welcome to Rise of Souls.

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    Rise of Souls is an AU Semi-Canon Soul Eater Roleplay.

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    Latest Updates

    It is with great pleasure that we announce the patch notes for Rise of Souls have been released in their entirety. 
    As adventure beckons beyond the borders of Death City, how will you prepare for the dangers that await in the world? Will you refine your abilities, take on the dangers that are arising, or will you just decide to be a bum? Choose your discipline wisely, and journey forth to explore lands unknown. With the addition of a new plot / story arc, mission system, and the new adoption system, there is much to see and more to do in the adventures of RoS!


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