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    An original fantasy site hosted on jcink premium. We use animanga face claims and are relatively freeform when it comes to character creation. The current plot involves a holy war between embodiments of sin and Crux Fidelis, a crusader-type faction. Other groups are thrown into the mix such as: a cult, rebels, and anti-magic scientists. The setting is conflict-heavy, but we trust our members to communicate to build an interesting story.

    By Hiraeth
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    megalomania (noun) - obsession with the exercise of power, especially in the domination of others.

    In a world belonging to one, there visited a second, bringing with him the gift of magic, a power known as Sillage. Angered by this interloper's unwelcome influence, the first, the Black God Orpheus, cursed those who had accepted this gift, infecting them with a loss of their very sense of self over time. The legacy of these two gods set into fruition a series of events that rattled Sium into a never-ending cycle of chaos, replete with wars and conflicts rooted in the paltry desire for dominance: a scarred, fetid world fueled by the megalomania of its tiny dwellers. And now, the Black God is no more, and the path is paved for the reign of the very embodiment of the sin of pride. The peoples of Sium continue to stand divided while a guillotine is slowly raised above their heads. While the Poena Damni return from their silence, the Black Sun Cabal prepare retribution for the loss of their leadership. Crux Fidelis continues its crusades against the rebels of Apocrypha, and Weltschmerz sows the seeds of fear and hatred of non-humans in its territories. It has since become a race- a race to see who becomes responsible for the destruction of Sium. The world is doomed. What part shall you play in its demise?

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    It was supposed to be a simple uprising. Some of the warriors in Venesa had concerns about those who rebuilt their city. Weltschmerz had made a place for themselves in their home, and word spread of the persecution in Gaothaire. Not able to trust Crux Fidelis with their worries, they went to Apocrypha, who promised them aid. It was a chance to strike both Crux Fidelis and Weltschmerz, so they began formulating a plan to take the city, hoping to mimic the results Riparias had.

    It wasn't going to be an easy venture. With a large Crux Fidelis presence and, and an Enforcer base to boot, Apocrypha chose to use all of the resources they could afford to send; this was their fatal mistake. Despite a track record of going to aggressive extremes when it came to tactical assaults, Freyr Aldrich and Ausrotten were contacted by the rebels, knowing he'd be willing to help. As projected, his assistance was promised, but he had his own unspoken abitions.

    In the weeks leading up to the rebellion, Freyr and his allies discreetly attacked the Apocrypha Director bases, killing all who were inside and taking over communications. He took charge of the mercenary group that had originally reached out to Apocrypha, promising them a world like the one that had existed before sillage, while using his mind control on those that were hesitant about serving under one of the most wanted criminals in Sium.

    And so when the rebellion began, all the plans Apocrypha had made went out the window. They were only supposed set their focus upon the Enforcer base and any Hallowed in the area; Freyr was after complete destruction. The mercenaries turned on the rebels of Apocrypha, and began to slaughter anyone who was in the streets. If they weren't with them, they were against them.

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