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    By Rosalie
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    Site Information

    Welcome to the Harper Region, where pokémon is taken back through time. 
    Back before cars and computers, telephones and trains, in a region founded by an exiled bard whose name has become legend. Here there be fearsome dragons, noble (and ignoble) knights, black-handed rogues, plenty of swords, and even a little bit of sorcery. 

    That's right -- Harper is a medieval era pokémon site. 
    The region’s power balances between a variety of factions: the Guardians of the region, the rogues of the Order of the Masque, the Mages’ Guild, and the common Pokemon Handler. Dive into a rich, complex, and varied region and world that have been well loved and well polished over the years and stood the test of time! 

    Harper is stat-light, emphasizing creative battles and diverse characters. 
    We encourage both multi-character freeform threads packed full of interaction as well as introspective threads with a single member involved. And upon request, our signature Travel Arcs roleplay option allows members to pit their characters’ grit and wit -- and their own -- against a gamemaster in a fashion similar to classic tabletop RPGs. 

    Join us and plunge into the deep and beautiful world of pokémon -- taken back in time. 
    No gyms, no Elite 4, no Team anything, no cliche legendaries, no set journey. 
    Just pokemon, Handlers, and plenty of adventure. 

    Harper Region: Ever Onward. 

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    Age To Join
    • 13
    Trigger Warnings
    • No
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    Humans are the only PCs allowed on Harper, but players are more than welcome to roleplay their pokemon as well!

    Applications & Posting
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    • Traditional Character Profile
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    Activity Requirements

    Harper has no activity requirements -- we'll be here, no matter when you're ready to come back and post! We tend to be a little more laid back in terms of speed because the majority of our member base are adults.

    Latest Updates


    Our October Totem Pokemon has been released: Alolan Ninetales! We also have a new batch of challenges up, and coming up fast this month are our Halloween promotion and Rose Bowl signups -- rescheduled to the winter this year due to the revamp! We will not be hosting a novel writing month this year in favor of the more popular battling tournament, but it will make a return next year. In the spring, we're planning on doing a joint major plot event with our sister site, Terrene!



    Harper has recently restructured, featuring more ways to play without waiting on the mods! We're moving toward a more freeform-based style to accommodate player preferences and the schedules of our staff, and we've added new locations of interest for play -- plus a new skin. We're also currently running one of our rare new member promotions, so it's a great time to give us a look!  Coming up soon are our Halloween promotion, the annual Rose Bowl battling tournament (normally in summer, but delayed due to revamping), and in the spring a joint plot event with our sister site, Terrene!

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