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    Welcome to Fata Morgana! FMRP is a modern fantasy, supernatural creatures RPG set in the small resort town of Snow Haven, Alaska. We have loosely structured lore and a loose main plot where the focus is on your characters and plots. Character development is the name of the game! A great place for players who want to write, not worry about keeping up!

    Site Information

    Welcome To Snow Haven, Alaska

    Something is happening in Snow Haven. They can feel it in the air, in the water. Something... calls out. Beckons people in. From all over the world, from all walks of life. Without knowing how or why, both Humans and Supernaturals heed the call. What's bringing them? Is it the Hot Springs? Is it the magic in the water?

    Snow Haven is not so quiet - or so safe - anymore.


    ♦ JCINK PREMIUM ♦ 18+ ♦ 3-3-3 ♦ NO WORD COUNT ♦

    Join Us On Fata Morgana! FMRP is a modern fantasy/creatures RPG set in the small resort town of Snow Haven, Alaska. We have loosely structured lore and a loose main plot where the focus is on your characters and their development. Freedom to do what you want when you want is our goal! We are an 18+, 3/3/3 community in order to allow more freedom of storytelling, with no word count or activity requirements. A great place for players who want to write, not worry about keeping up!

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    Frequent site events with optional thread roulettes, player-driven sub-plots and interest checks, character-created subforums and business, designated Discord channels for your sub-plots, and more!

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    With room for more species to come!

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    • Accounts are NEVER deleted; super easy to return at any time!


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    Latest Updates

    Let's address the biggest change first: the visual! FMRP has a new, secondary skin! FMRP has been open almost 10 months now and the staff felt it was time for a color scheme change. The new skin is a spooky lite theme, promising the beginnings of the long, dark, cold winter that's about to come, both IRL and in the RP.

    Now, our original skin, Dusty Tundra, is still 100% available for your use. If this new color scheme isn't doing it for you, for whatever reason, please feel free to switch back to the original skin. 

    Mystic Woods and Dusty Tundra are completely compatible with one another - they share the same board wrappers, the same coding, the same web pages. The only difference is the colors and the graphics. So you won't ever have to worry about using an outdated skin or missing new info - what happens to one skin is automatically applied to both. So please feel free to use whichever one you fancy more!

    TWO NEW SITE EVENTS! We're not doing just one, oh no, we're doing TWO site events to celebrate both fall and Halloween! We would normally space these out one event at the time, but thanks to my work we fell behind on getting the events out and I wanted to make sure we got to still have a Halloween event and a plain fall event. So we're doing both!

    Firstly we have Snow Haven's Harvest Festival event. Planting and growing are done for the season, so head on out to the Harvest Festival's farmer's market and get the last fresh produce until the Thaw! Event ends with a massive Final Feast at the Snowbirds Community Center to celebrate an early Thanksgiving. There's even a Scavenger Hunt for the Thread Roulette!

    And for our second event… Halloween lovers, watch out! There's a Super moon occurring on this All Hallow's Eve, and it has caused the ancient, untamed magic in Snow Haven's Hot Springs to run wild. On this night of nights, all magical creatures are affected… we have no thread roulette for this one, so feel free to read the Event Details and run wild with this prompt! How are your characters affected?

    Both of these events run through November 3rd (a little longer than normal, since I don't return to the US until late on November 2nd). So get your threads in before they close!


    User Feedback



    So obviously the site owner has to do the first review!

    FMRP was designed to be a place for beginnings. A safe place to come together and just write. I had taken a nearly year long break from RP when I decided to open FMRP. I wanted, more than anything, to meet new friends and write new stories.

    What I love most about FM is that we're a community of understanding. If you're the kind of person who loves the social aspect of RP and wants to be involved in all the things, we have that! And if you're the kind of person who just wants to show up and write and really don't want to interact outside the occasional plotting - we have that, too! As long as everyone keeps an open mind and an open line of communication, there's a piece of the community where everyone can fit in.

    Not everyone enjoys a sandbox, but on FMRP we're all about creative freedom - as long as the lore doesn't explicitly say no, we can find a way to make it a yes. We have lots of player-created and player-driven sub plots for those who crave more structure to their plots. And for those who like to run things or be the star of the show - plenty of room on FMRP to do that!

    I love the site we've built over the last 10 months. I hope you guys do too. ❤️

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