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    Eledria is a JRPG-inspired fantasy roleplay site. We draw inspiration from various JRPG series, such as Namco's Tales series, the Fire Emblem series, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and other mediums. 

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    We are a JRPG-inspired fantasy roleplay, set in a customized world with much to choose from. In the world of Drylla, the various races vie for land, clout, and survival, constantly facing one threat: monsters. Where monsters come from, no one has yet to discover; all that is known is that the appearance of monsters goes back centuries, their numbers increasing steadily since the gods disappeared from the land. But something else has made itself known: a group of individuals, bearing powers beyond that of the average mortal, calling themselves the Rhakoth, the Voice of the Gods. What are these individuals, and are they really linked to the gods themselves? Will Drylla survive the oncoming trials that awaits it?

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    Humans, elves, half-elves, halflings, kindred, and dragonkin.

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    We've recently done some additions to our lore, adding our Wyvern Riders and Pegasus Knights.


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