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    Julius Caesar is dead, and Rome is in chaos.  On the horizon looms a war between those who lifted hands and daggers against Caesar and those who seek retribution for his slaughter.  The world as we know it is burning to the ground, and amidst the flames and smoke, one thing is certain: Rome will never be the same.

    By Jaz
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    Site Information

    We are a site set in 44 BC, in the aftermath of Caesar's death.  Rome is in chaos, and the world as we know it is crashing down.  The question now is where do you stand in all of this?  Do you stand with the conspirators, some acting for the good of Rome, others acting for personal reasons?  Or do you stand with Mark Antony and Octavian, the avengers of Caesar?  Perhaps you fall somewhere in the middle, affiliated with neither side and just trying to survive.  Or maybe you're just here to create some chaos.  Wherever your allegiance falls, there's a place for you at Cry HAVOC

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    Site-wide plot and subplots for characters to get involved in, plot events, available canons, gladiators, resource forum

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    Caesar's funeral has ended, culminating in riots and a fire that damaged a large part of the forum.  The mobs burned down several of the conspirators' houses and killed a man uninvolved with the murder of Caesar, pushing the conspirators to leave for Antium.  Mark Antony is about to be named consul of Rome.

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