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    Craze is a modern-fantasy supernatural RP. We are play-by-post game operating in real time, and urge all players to develop their stories organically through play. Our mission is to foster a fun, safe, and interesting environment that allows players to be as engaged as they’d like.


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    For many years humans were contented with their place at the top of the food chain. They felt superior enough to claim lands and tame animals, to conquer one another for glory and title alone. To vampires, they were nothing more than fodder.

    The reveal five-hundred years ago was swift and violent, a comprehensive attempt at mass enslavement and genocide. Five-hundred years ago it was simple. Brutal. Vampires and humans were caught in a deadly dance, a battle for survival and supremacy.

    In 2018, the world has changed. Vampires have evolved, branching off into three separate sub-species, each with their own agenda, and humans have learned to cope with their vampire counterparts -- some would go so far to say ‘coexist’.

    Of course, ancestral scars run deep, stories of the carnage passed from generation to generation, and so the war continues, quietly boiling beneath a curtain of peace.

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    Craze is unique in that lore for the game can be actively created or destroyed. Our foundations are simple because we want our members to expand on it as they see fit. As long as these changes are thoughtful and fully written out in-game they will be adopted into the site's overall canon.

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    Humans, Vampires (3 sub-species), Witches, & Wyverns

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    One IC post per character every month. Members on hiatus are not subject to these requirements. 

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    For centuries witches have maintained their anonymity. Though having skirted a few close calls, such as the Salem Witch Trials and the European Witch Hunts the species has existed just beneath the surface, unknown to humans and vampires alike. They’ve worked hard to keep themselves hidden and over the years created a strong governing body, a cluster of powerful, master covens that worked to protect the rest of their species from harm. These covens maintained a uniform cloaking spell until today. 

    As much as they toiled, word got out to the wrong group of people: Carmine. 

    In a quick and ruthless attack disguised as a terrorist bombing, Carmine obliterated the master covens, leveling houses, offices, and other central witch headquarters. The cloaking spell splintered, disintegrating into nothing, leaving witches completely exposed. Vampires can now sense that there’s something ‘not quite human’ about them whereas before they would simply pass them by. Humans, while unequipped to suss them out themselves, will now remember any magic performed in their presence, where before the spell made them forget. 

    It hasn’t been uttered yet, but the world is beginning to taste it, forming the word that will inevitably be on the tip of everyone’s tongue. 



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