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    Ataraxy is a welcoming and friendly community made up of a wonderful group of people. Having opened our doors in May of 2017, we're proud to boast a site that has not been rocked by drama or member feuds in that time. Our site is meant to be a fun environment without stress or worries. We're quite laid back and enjoy each others company. Below you can find a few notes for a quick glance on what the site is about.

    • Modern fantasy with supernatural creatures and humans.
    • LGBT+ inclusive.
    • Set in modern day San Francisco.
    • Open for over a year.
    • No word count!
    • Friendly, welcoming, loves to plot with new members.
    • Drama free!
    • Nine playable species, with sub species within those species for a wide variety of options!
    • 2-3 site wide plots a year.
    • At least five site wide events a year, with more welcome!
    • Creative freedom's! 
    Site Information

    What would you do if your world was turned upside down? All of the horror stories turned real? 
    What would you do if you found out that the boogie man really did exist?
    Would you accept them, or would you fight for your rights as a human?
    They weren't supposed to be real, they were fables and movie props. 
    How could they exist? Why did they come out of the shadows?

    What would you do if you were cast into the light, underneath humanity's microscope? 
    What would you do if those humans treated you like a monster? 
    Would you accept them, or would you fight for your rights as a supernatural? 
    Humanity has to accept you. You have been sharing the planet since the beginning, now it's time to stop hiding. Why do they have so much hatred? Why are they so simple?

    What will the world do when unbalanced magic threatens to tear it apart at the seams? 
    What will the world do when the real Nightstalker brings utter turmoil and destruction in his wake? 
    Will they unite? Will they fight? What would you do?

    What will you fight for? Will you fight alongside supernaturals? 
    Will you fight alongside humans? Unite or fall!

    • CBox
    • Guest Advertising - All Softwares
    • Shop System
    • Linked Accounts / Character Mod
    Account System
    • Account Per Character
    • Account Per Player
    Age To Join
    • 18
    Trigger Warnings
    • Yes
    Other Features
    • We have random member and character of the month spotlights.
    • On site shop for rare species and extended powers.
    • Weekend writing challenges (not every weekend, or really on any schedule at all)
    • Occasional other challenges. 
    • Advertising challenges for all members, all of the time, whenever they wish to participate.
    • Birthday party fun for each site birthday, with birthday exclusives.
    • Holiday events!
    • Holiday banners!
    • Lots of wanted ads!
    • Phantom Pains - A monthly radio show that delivers IC gossip and news.
    Character Types
    • Original Characters
    • Site Canons
    Play-by Types
    • Not Required
    • Actors
    • Models
    • Minor Celebrities











    Applications & Posting
    Application Types
    • Traditional Character Profile
    Posting Types
    • Free For All
    • Third Person
    Post Templates
    • Templates Not Required
    • Site-Specific Templates Available
    Activity Requirements

    We require all members to post at least once, on ANY account, including an OOC account, ever three weeks. We do not have formal activity checks, everything is done behind the scenes. If a member has not made any post across any accounts and doesn't have an away up, they receive a PM asking if they're planning to stay or need some time. 

    Guest Advertising

    Guest friendly advertising boards only.

    Latest Updates

    In the current world of Ataraxy:

    • Halloween Carnival has arrived for the whole month of October. Come get your scare on!
    • Site wide plot in August left the world confused and a vampire lord at large. Many are scared and worried of when Rikard will strike again.

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