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  1. No-no's for me that would keep me from joining a site, a partnership or threads? And sorry if these are repeats!! 18+ Community is a must in my world, I've had the displeasure of interacting/rping with far too many minors, and somehow it always seems to come back with drama, or feeling awkward writing out certain situations with a minor. It's just...weird to me. Characters that are only made for smut, or seeking smut. This bugs the crap out of me. A character who is made, and all they do is try to shack up with any character that moves with no plot purpose in mind. There are certain sites for this, but the majority of them out there aren't this!! Unreadable...templates/skins/potato. If I can't read it? I won't read it. Too small of fonts or super clashing colors are a no go for me - I have crappy eyes to begin with!! Activity & disappearing, it's probably the biggest thing that may annoy me and that's because I really don't like when a thread takes 9 months from start to finish, or a huge site plot/character arc takes eons to get through because there is a lack of posting. It makes it hard to keep muse and desire to write or stick with a plot. Harassment! THE. HARASSMENT. NEEDS. TO. STOP. Okay, so like, if you message me “Hey I did xyz” I don't want you to keep poking me about it countless times in 24 hours lol I've had this happen and it makes me even less inclined to respond or do whatever it is I need to do for you. Have some patience!! It's one thing if it's been awhile and you're making sure I didn't forget, it's another if you're just poke poke poking me to do something because you don't have the ability to wait ? Lack of communication, this is one thing I've preached in my almost 14 years of rp! I am not a mind reader, so if something is bugging you, please tell me! I'll do what I can to fix it personally. Or if you aren't going to be around for x reason, then let me know! Don't just disappear or assume that I won't get a little hurt if you just ignore me and what we're doing.
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    Season 1+ Once Upon A Time AU!
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  4. Characters to help further along plots/make new plots/and other nonsense for already established site characters.
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    Bias review INCOMING! Valhaven may be a small community but the staff and members are active, friendly and always willing to jump in on plots! Newcomers beware, threads and ideas will be tossed at you left right and center at this member-driven forum!
  8. Just because it is extremely ridiculous, one of the funniest titles I have going for me right now (with two very arrogant and very drunk vampires and a poor human girl they're picking on) it's "It's called garbage can, not garbage cannot" - Can't take credit for it though! One of my RP buddies made it up looooool
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    A modern-supernatural site that takes place in the rural areas of a fictional town, Valhaven, Colorado. A variety of creatures have flocked to this place and it's becoming a supernatural stronghold, yet the humans aren't aware of their presence...not yet.