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  1. Poe, I love this topic! I don't think I've come across it before. One is telling her boyfriend that she's pregnant. One is about to explain to the girl he's been after for a long time that he isn't inheriting his family's estate, and doesn't actually have anything to offer HER family in the alliance ritual they've been working on for just about an IC year. Everything he's offered her wasn't really his to give in the first place. One is visiting her ex boyfriend who isn't over her, and it definitely is not a date.
  2. I was hesitant to move our site to Discord, so honestly, we use both? We don't permit IC chatting, to prevent people from falling into the trap of quickfire RP scenarios that ultimately drive attention and desire away from posting. Our discord server is also private. I didn't really like the idea of having guests pop in, even to an isolated channel. Maybe I'm just weird that way, but it felt invasive to me! So, the cbox is on the site and free for anyone to post in. Once a potential member's first character has been accepted, they receive an invite to the site discord! Discord is super easy and mobile-friendly, and the ability to categorize different channels is pretty amazing. We even have one channel with a bot installed (Talos) that allows members to run word wars to sprint out posts. 🙂 We used to use Skype for large group calls, but it's honestly nice not to have my phone buzz in the middle of the night like "HFTA IS CALLING! WAKE UP!" haha. Now, we can just pop into the voice channel when we feel like talking/hanging out, or stick to text if we need the quiet. It's really all up to you and how your board functions. Everyone has different needs.
  3. When you have a character sketch to write, but all you feel like doing is writing posts.

  4. I just wanted to say, thanks for this! This isn't something I'd ever really considered before. I don't bold my character speech, but a lot of my site's members do. I don't mind reading it, but this actually made me stop to think about the benefits beyond just immediate visibility. Thank you!
  5. It doesn't come up often for me to really worry over, unless I'm doing an 'activity check' for my site's affiliates. I usually look at a combination of the first three items in your poll, but tend to lend more credit to seeing staff posts and member posts. Activity in the cbox doesn't necessarily encourage me if I haven't seen any posts in a month from staff or members, because I know that when a community is dying, members will often still talk to each other because they haven't quite let go yet. If I do end up removing the affiliate, I usually leave a message like, "Hey, if I was incorrect/assumed wrong, let me know!" just in case. Not all sites have the same activity requirements, like @Poe the Villain said above.
  6. @Sadrienne and @Elena, I love these answers! Both of them reflect what usually happens in my own creative process. My characters tend to be very vocal and offer opinions on things in my every day life as my brain idles, which I love. Do you guys find that your characters evolve/change over time? Not necessarily in their likes/dislikes, but how they view the world around them or how they interact with it? For me, that process is pretty organic and happens over time as characters encounter different external stimuli or develop more complex relationships with other characters. Some members of my site have expressed that this change/dive forward is difficult for them, or they aren't sure where to take their character (or how to get them there, if they have an idea of what they'd like to happen). Any advice?
  7. There's just about nothing worse than when your character starts to stagnate, in my opinion! I feel like I'm always in a state of flux, working out my characters' priorities and how they have changed (or will change). I've noticed via conversations with a lot of members on my site that character development is something they struggle with. Have you, as a site admin or as a roleplayer, dealt with character development challenges before? What's your best advice? I try to help people workshop as I can, and I'm thinking of creating an OOC site event/site challenge sort of thing that involves character dev exercises for people to do (that are meaningful and helpful, rather than those big lists of questions that are meant to 'flesh out' a character but really just provide superfluous details), but I'm curious to learn how others have handled it!
  8. Hogwarts: From the Ashes is a next-generation Harry Potter roleplaying site established in June, 2016. We are hosted through jcink, have around 28 members at the moment, and are very active (about two pages of active topics every day!). We have a set number of static affiliate slots available, but no limit for scrolling at this time.
  9. Hogwarts: From the Ashes is a next-generation Harry Potter roleplaying site established in June, 2016. We are hosted through jcink, have around 28 members at the moment, and are very active (about two pages of active topics every day!). We have a set number of static affiliate slots available, but no limit for scrolling at this time. View full affiliate opening
  10. I get into ruts where I get tired of my own writing. I feel like I'm recycling structure or phrases because they're tried and true for me. This is usually my lowest point, when I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel, so to speak, for inspiration. Usually, this is when I take a step back and realize that I'm getting stagnant because I haven't been reading. I'll take a break, pick up a novel or two, and that's typically enough to get my creative juices flowing. Sometimes, just reading a word I'd forgotten about will get me back on the horse!
  11. 'Eyyy, the barista life! I feel exactly the same, haha!
  12. At the moment, I'm a barista at Starbucks! I left a very unhappy job/professional environment as the Guest Services Manager/Sales Coordinator at a Hampton Inn in downtown Atlanta, GA. I picked up my whole life and moved to Massachusetts on a whim after being a 'professional' roleplay admin for like 9 months when I quit that job, haha! Starbucks is a great change of pace, but I'm looking to move into the library science career track soon. 🙂
  13. Am I the only one who sometimes sits down and binges Unsolved Mysteries? That's my life right now, haha! We did just finish up the new season of Bojack Horseman (amazing!), season 2 of The Good Place (super great!), and Steven Universe (Ah!!!). I'm also known to go through periods of time where I want to do literally nothing else than go through season after season of Survivor. I think I feel one of those periods coming on.
  14. - IC post templates - Text color changes for IC posts, especially in dialogue. Please, no! - Not adjusting the line-height when doing handwriting fonts (I weep at overlap and also squint way too much trying to suss out what it says) - Signatures for IC posts because it breaks up the flow of a thread