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  1. The October issue of the "Histories and Chronicles of the West Indies" (our chronicle) is up, with news from all islands, statistics, highlights. We have also a wanted ad for some merchant ship sailors.
  2. please change the poll questions' colours so that they can be actually seen! https://www.rpg-connect.com/topic/207-when-do-you-consider-a-site-dead/
  3. I have two ways of developing my characters: 1) making them do their job they were created with, ie actually writing their story. 2) making them available as supporting characters for everyone who needs them in a plot (in realistic limits, of course - what would be possible for those circumstances and characters). For me, a conversation in my head wouldn't count if it didn't give the idea of a new plot, a new story to write. What's not written, doesn't exist.
  4. I submitted a few options in the poll, but I am looking forward to your discussions as well. How do you mark the difference between a slow site and a dead site? Because some people say a site is dead when it's just slow. So, please vote and discuss!
  5. Elena

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    50 • Species: pirate • Zodiac Aries / Dragon / Monkey Confidence 6/10 (1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest) Motivation 7/10 Creativity 8/10 Experience 8/10 Favourite quote: "Don't worry, be happy!" / "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger." Likes -Movies -Books -Music Dislikes -Cold - sadness/ grief - certain people Personality A mix of introvert and extrovert, book worm, reliable and devoted. Thoughts Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes, it has happened to me. If you were stuck on an island, who or what would you take with you? My husband, pen and paper, books Do you believe in destiny? How about free will? I believe in destiny. The free will exists, but it is moderate. It is within a frame of destiny. Does a person's name reflect the person they are or will become? Not always. If you could have one super power, what would it be? Healing. Do hardships and obstacles make a person stronger, weaker, or is there no change? Stronger. What animal do you think is your spirit animal? Why? I am partially like my zodiac Ram/ Aries, horns first. If you were an animal, what would you be? Do you look like this animal? I think I have been a cat in another life. I was talking with a work colleague and agreeing that I have strange similarities with her cat. How do you think art impacts society? Is it beneficial? Is it caustic? Art makes society better, or at least more bearable. How do you think science impacts society? Is it beneficial? Is it caustic? The science's impact on society is twofold. It does good - medicine develops - and bad - pollution develops - at the same time. What do you think your future self will remember about you now? The writer's struggle.
  6. The story, first and foremost. Then the rules and the bio (I must love the site to go through dohtml pains). I don't care for coding, graphics, etc. (as long as I can read them).
  7. It might not repel me, but if I am not inspired to further the story, I can't join. It might interest me only for lurking and reading the threads. They got a fan, however not a member.
  8. Haunted by the upcoming novel to be written on NaNoWriMo

  9. Underdogs and everyone's mothers.
  10. I am looking for open threads/ collective threads in the faction my character is, first and foremost. Then, I read plotters if they exist. If not, I read character bios and I get ideas of threads which I PM to the writer.
  11. Reading, watching a movie, preferably in the same setting/ era (but not necessarily), or going out in the nature and thinking. Unlike Vildea, I am a planner and I can write a scene only after I see it in all the details in my mind. Otherwise, back to research.
  12. Historical, this is what I prefer writing and reading. Age of Sail, Viking Era, Wild West... I love them since I was little.
  13.  There were forums crying for a post inside... so I made it! :classic_love:

    1. Sadrienne


      This is most excellent. You get a cookie!

  14. I think it is wonderful that we are so diverse people here, both as geographical and educational backgrounds, but also in respect to professions. One would expect only someone into humanities (if this is how they are called anymore) to be interested in writing (alone or with others), but, in truth, we come in all kinds and shapes. I am an economist. I have worked mostly in EU Affairs/ EU-funded project management all my life, as a civil servant in a ministry or a public institution under a ministry's direct authority. What about you?
  15. Do you use the names of people you know, name lists on the net, your favourite names? Do you take into account the popularity of the name in the historical period you are writing in, the ethnicity or religion of the character? I do... all these. 🙂