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  1. I'd agree that staff are a good indication of whether or not a site is dead. While the others can happen even to living sites, just perhaps sites going through lulls of activity (or new sites too, new sites don't have a lot of activity initially either), if a staff member doesn't at least check into the site in over a month there's probably no bringing it back. While members certainly make a site active, you need staff in order to run the site at all.
  2. MULTIVERSE RPG: OPENING! After hard work dedicated to making this site happen, Multiverse RPG is finally open! For those who aren't aware, Multiverse RPG is a panfandom, chat-based RP site, using Cboxes/ICCs for activity as well as its Discord server (though you may use traditional threading style there as well). Characters are thrown into a virtual reality world called Astromos, not being aware that they're in a virtual reality. The site contains light RPG elements as well as the ability to engage in rapidfire RP! For the first month of its opening, you will be able to create 4 characters instead of the usual 2 that you are meant to start out with, without any activity requirements or anything. This is to help get Multiverse RPG some fresh blood and new characters running around! MULTIVERSE RPG: ACCEPTING STAFF! Right now, Multiverse RPG is an undertaking that I'm taking on by myself as the sole administrator of the website. That can change! If you would like to help out, there is an ongoing staff search - read this thread for instructions. I'm currently looking for: An additional administrator At least two moderators If you are accepted onto staff, the expectations you will have are: Assisting in organizing events Accepting applications Monitoring ICCs (and making sure people are active!) Some minor world-building Thank you for your interest, and for those who apply, I'm looking forward to potentially working with you!
  3. MVRPG is a panfandom, chat-based RP site with light RPG elements based upon a virtual reality that the characters aren't aware that they're in. They can choose to settle into the world of Astromos, constructed by scientists for the purpose of experimentation, or they can attempt to find a way back to their homes... What will you choose?
  4. PC gaming. Being able to have all my games in one place is certainly convenient, and on top of that it's easy for me to stream them whenever I'd like. Nintendo or Sony?
  5. I'm a moderator of one Discord RP server, the administrator of another, and planning on making one more in the future, so of course I favor it. There's something far more versatile and intimate about using it as opposed to a cbox. That being said, I'm a part of a site that uses cboxes actively, so it's not like I'm against the idea of using them, either. (Granted, they're ICCs.) But the fact that cboxes require active maintenance and cannot be directly tied to each other the way that channels can leads to them being inconvenient. In addition, people get more chatty on Discord than they do in a cbox. For a forum that's not as much about creating a tight-knit community and wants to look more active on the forum, Discord might not be the best fit, but otherwise I think it's a good choice over cbox.
  6. This is something that bothers me endlessly in RP. But then, that's something I notice a lot with RPers with little experience writing outside of RPing - they use needless and tedious ways of describing what's happening in a post to make it sound prettier. Purple prose is everywhere. It's especially prevalent on Tumblr, but I've seen it on forums, too. I don't think the act of drinking a glass of milk needs a full paragraph to describe it, thanks. And while we're at it, second person POV writing. I'm fine with this in fiction outside of RP, but in RP it's just awkward. Stick with third person limited omniscient.