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  1. Same for me. I just noticed cause of this post lol
  2. So, I haven't yet listed my site. There's some things about the listing options that have been keeping me from doing so and that's why this list of suggestions came to mind. Basically, the following things: Would it be possible to have a place to link current site event(s) and then a place(like a box) to describe said event(s)? I know there's a section to link plot, but as a site we have an overarcing plot so it'd better suit to have a separate section to list a site event(s). Also, could we have a place to link to subplots? My site has our main overarcing plot, but we also have subplots that go on and these are not the same as our site events. Under the section for application, could Traditional Application and Freeform Application be added? Those are our two options, but neither are listed. I know there's a traditional character profile option except that sounds like an app that is done in the profile and we don't do profile apps. The section for Post Templates is good, but could we have a box to expand further on the options? For example, if we use doHTML or BBCode Templates. Or if we only require site templates for certain things though might not use them in IC Posts. Or if we do allow doHTML in certain sections, but not other sections. There's a lot of variations on how sites allow/use templates and I feel like having an optional description box would be helpful. Where it says Species, could we get a couple check-box options like Human Only, Non-Humans, Humans then have the box description to expand further as an option? Minor things though maybe we could add realistic artwork, public domain artwork, and musicians to the PB list. Also, could we separate linked accounts and character mod? We have linked accounts on Jcink, and also an option to Post As(you can choose from dropdown of your linked accounts) so you don't have to switch accounts/can edit if you post with wrong account, but we don't have the Character Mod and I don't want to mislead people. Could we have a link section for Needed Characters? This is different than the adoptable/canon links you can input now since this would link to a specific ad for example. The area where it asks about Trigger Warnings says required? To me that sounds like you must have them on your site. What if you don't? Our site doesn't use them much, but people do have to label threads appropriately(I'm working on adding label options but right now if a thread has deemed mature content you put an M) and they can add content warnings inside their posts either at the very top if a thread starts out needing that warning or at the top of the post where it goes into that territory. Would it be possible to get an option where we can explain that instead of just that one single click choice? Perhaps too a click option for Content Warnings which some sites tend to use instead though can be similar? This is just the stuff that came to mind while I stared at the form. It probably seems like a lot, but it isn't really. Most of it is just adding options that are suitable to not just my site, but perhaps to other sites too.
  3. To me alternate universe is vastly different from futuristic and present day(current time). Something can be both current time(or real life even to use a more common label) and alternate universe. Just like there's various subs out there for fantasy like realistic fantasy, magic fantasy, medieval fantasy, historical fantasy, modern fantasy, etc. but taking away the fantasy option to replace it with alternate universe(as an example) wouldn't really make sense cause how would anyone know it's fantasy. It's like not having historical listed if someone chooses to also use small town or slice of life to describe their site. I've noticed people who dislike historical get annoyed if they have to weed through a bunch of historical sites when searching for a real life small town/slice of life setting. And I'd imagine I would feel similar if I was someone searching for sci-fi futuristic and had to sort through a bunch of Alternate Universe which could be used to denote just about any genre including fandom stuff. I'd definitely include historical and futuristic and alternate universe as separate things just cause they denote different things and don't really replace each other. But if at all possible at least historical as an option would be nice. I only suggested the others cause I noticed fantasy had some other subgenre options as did real life. But historical is probably the most important, all-encompassing label for a historical RP since some folks get really weird/outraged if they find out a site is historical and they didn't know when looking so I prefer to be up front lol (also sorry for posting on the site account, not sure if that's allowed but it was also an accident. meant to post as this name but I wasn't paying attention.)
  4. Ohh I really like this idea. It would be suitable when it comes to my site too.
  5. Got account made, put up pretty cover photo. . . now how do I go about listing my site lol

    1. Poe the Villain

      Poe the Villain

      If you go up to the top bar and click on Find a Site then click on Roleplay Sites (assuming your site is a roleplay and not a resource) Then if you scroll down below the active roleplay sites carousel there should be a button that says "add new roleplay site" which will give you a form to fill out regarding your site!