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  1. I think this is so beautiful for a first time public skin! Can definitely see it become one of those 'standard' skin lots and lots of RPs use because of how awesome it is. Way to go! ❤️
  2. Honestly, if we're talking about something other than the aesthetics/coding/skin, the first thing that I notice when I'm just browsing around or doing ads is the site's setting. I'm a sucker for unique settings - whether this is a wholly original world or set in somewhere unique in our world. I once saw a site that was set in Ohio. I've never seen a site set in Ohio. As someone who was born and raised there, I was ecstatic that someone wanted to put a site there! (Side note, I am very much not fussed about setting accuracy - if someone wanted to make Columbus out to be like NYC I couldn't care less lol which might be why I get more excited about settings other than usual places.) I picked Alaska as the setting for my site to both pay homage to a site I was on when I first started to RP, and because Alaska is a unique setting - I've only ever seen a handful of boards set there. The next is how they utilize that unique setting - so if this is an AU ASOIAF board, I want to see what changes the site made to the lore (I'm a sucker for AUs too lol). If you're set in a small town in Montana and you're a sandbox, what kind of options does the site have in terms of subforums, businesses, places to RP? I've seen some really cute business names and ideas that have sent my mind spinning with ideas before I've really taken a look at the site in depth, lol. Even if I don't have time to join another site (and I never do x.x) aside from skinning/aesthetics/coding these are the things that draw me in. I secretly root for them and want to pop into their cbox or discord like "hi your site is amazing and I love you keep it up" but I don't because I am shy and I hate to give the impression "love your site even though I'll never be able to join". xD But I totally have a list of places I would love to join if I could based on settings alone.
  3. I'm another in the bolded speech camp, for much the same reasons! Mostly because RP posts are not written like dialogue is written in books. In 'proper' text formatting (air quotes because really it's still a stylistic choice but that writing for you) you're supposed to start a new paragraph for every line of dialogue, as well as if the person who is speaking changes. This is for ease of reading - your eyes are easily drawn to the text and it's easy to go back and pick the dialogue out, and figure out which character said what. Dialogue is not supposed to be within chunks of text like how most RP posts do it. But for an RP post, at least for me, it seems excessive to have paragraph breaks for every line of dialogue - who wants to scroll or swipe down for a million years to get to a certain point in a thread? We value more compact posts. But that usually causes things like dialogue to get lost among the shuffle. So how do you make dialogue stand out in a more compact post, and easily differentiate between who's speaking (if you're doing more than one character in a post)? Bold speech, and sometimes colored, too. ----------- On topic: when someone goes through the effort to get graphics for whatever (mini profile, post templates, etc) but don't make them the right size so the aspect ratio is all screwed up and the image is skewed or squished. Totally get that maybe you were on mobile and don't have a program, but there are sites that can resize just straight from online. I will even resize for you. Honey pls. Lemme fix that height and width.
  4. I was an extremely reluctant convert to Discord, at first. One of my mods was actually the one to take the plunge and create it, so I'm not even the owner of the discord channel. xD We started to use it only because the cbox was blocked on the mod's work PC. (Not the forum, just the cbox. It was weird.) I've grown to love it, mostly because the mobile functionality is amazing compared to cbox's god awful mobile integration, and it functions as a private chat service as well, which cbox doesn't offer. We have some bots (namely Welcomer bot) that help out a lot as well. But I was really reluctant for the reasons you described. Moving chat off site and into DMs on what's supposed to be a writing forum, I was really leery that activity would start to move off site (both in terms of chatting and plotting in the plot sections). And it did, but the impact was actually fairly minimal? We had issues very early on with 'secret' groups and separate servers players were creating that was leading to a lot of confusion and hurt feelings about other players feeling left out or that those secret groups and private servers were forming their own cliques. We fixed it by offering both public and private subplot channels dedicated to their plots and we've had no issues since then - and all staff have access in case something is going on that involves moderation. People are going to move into a chat service anyway, like Discord, Slack, Hangouts, Skype, whatever replaced AIM, whether you offer them a place to do it or not. At least with a site discord we (as staff) can have at least some eyes on the general conversation. People who prefer instant communication over plotters and PMs are still going to go into DMs or into their preferred chat of choice (mine was Hangouts, before Discord was a thing) but at least offering them a site discord to use 1.) still keeps activity somewhat connected to the site, and 2.) gives players a space for the instant IM chatting. The whole 'external' bit is definitely a problem - we still keep our cbox on the site and will likely never get rid of it completely because the forum integration is the one thing cbox can still lord over Discord with ease, I hate Titan - and the guest options leave a lot to be desired. But Discord is the closest chat service I've seen in a long time that offers both a chat service and a community hub-like feel. If it fixed the external integration issues and allowed guest options in a cbox-like manner? I could see cbox fading from forums completely.
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  9. Amemu No one is gonna get the in-joke on the battle cry, it's fine. xD
  10. So obviously the site owner has to do the first review! FMRP was designed to be a place for beginnings. A safe place to come together and just write. I had taken a nearly year long break from RP when I decided to open FMRP. I wanted, more than anything, to meet new friends and write new stories. What I love most about FM is that we're a community of understanding. If you're the kind of person who loves the social aspect of RP and wants to be involved in all the things, we have that! And if you're the kind of person who just wants to show up and write and really don't want to interact outside the occasional plotting - we have that, too! As long as everyone keeps an open mind and an open line of communication, there's a piece of the community where everyone can fit in. Not everyone enjoys a sandbox, but on FMRP we're all about creative freedom - as long as the lore doesn't explicitly say no, we can find a way to make it a yes. We have lots of player-created and player-driven sub plots for those who crave more structure to their plots. And for those who like to run things or be the star of the show - plenty of room on FMRP to do that! I love the site we've built over the last 10 months. I hope you guys do too. ❤️
  11. Welcome to Fata Morgana! FMRP is a modern fantasy, supernatural creatures RPG set in the small resort town of Snow Haven, Alaska. We have loosely structured lore and a loose main plot where the focus is on your characters and plots. Character development is the name of the game! A great place for players who want to write, not worry about keeping up!
  12. For me, the only thing that I've found that works if I'm really in a rut is to read a new book or watch a new movie. It has to be new, to me, and it has to be traditional media. So I can't watch a web series on YouTube or read fanfiction or something similar, it HAS to be a new book or a new movie or a new TV show. I have no idea why I have to be so particular about it... it's possible because I consume so much Internet-based media in my day to day that my brain has only associated new bursts of creative energy with traditional media? Who knows. xD