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    welcome to delphia, a city of pokemon shifters buried within the dense forests of northwestern canada there lies a city surrounded by walls so high they're said to touch the sky. within a world teeming with pokemon and aspiring trainers everywhere, this city exists outside the norm where children don't grow to catch pokemon, but rather to become them.
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    HFTA is my roleplay home. The admins are generous and approachable, the writers are talented, and the community is so supportive. I've always actively avoided plot-driven sites, but HFTA writes such interesting and engaging plots that I'm not only excited to participate, but I find it driving character development and creation. This site is wonderfully active as well-- most days, I don't feel like I'm reading or writing responses. Instead, I feel like the whole community invests in my writing, and I, theirs. It's made me a better writer, a better roleplayer, and a better friend. Long live HFTA!
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    A modern-supernatural site that takes place in the rural areas of a fictional town, Valhaven, Colorado. A variety of creatures have flocked to this place and it's becoming a supernatural stronghold, yet the humans aren't aware of their presence...not yet.
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    Witchlight is an AU Black Jewels RPG that takes the world we all know and expands it by combining the canon setting and magic system with new history and lore to truly make it our own. Come join us and play in our sandbox!
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    Love this place. I joined Witch Light on a whim after reading the BJT books and pretty much fell in love with the atmosphere and plots. The over arching plot of the game is member/character driven and the dozens of areas to play inside the game itself are incredible. The lore for various territories and creatures are member written and involved. The admin team is fantastic and did nothing but make me feel welcome and wanted from the moment I created my first character. Creating said character was a breeze and lore authors and admins are wonderful with helping get the character right where it needs to be. Don't be turned off by the fact that it's listed as a fandom site, it is and it isn't. Witch Light is loosely based on the BJT series and the creators have done what they needed to make it their own. The magical system is a breeze to learn and frankly, its easier to understand than most of the systems out there. And if you get stuck? The information is extensive as is the help the staff offer. All in all, joining on a whim was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time.
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    I haven't had the enjoyment of being on a drama-free public roleplay site in a long time! Everybody on Valhaven is incredibly inviting, both with general chit chat as well as fantastic character plots! The site is very character driven, with a few 'larger' plots helping to move things along. Activity is high, given there is a minimum activity requirement, so there is always something to reply to! Valhaven is more than just a roleplay site. It's a community where we can all come together ❤️
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    Bias review INCOMING! Valhaven may be a small community but the staff and members are active, friendly and always willing to jump in on plots! Newcomers beware, threads and ideas will be tossed at you left right and center at this member-driven forum!
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    I joined HFTA roughly 4...almost 5 months ago now, and despite the fact that this site and many of its members have been around for over 2 years - I already feel like part of the family! The site is jolly well bursting with very welcoming, creative, and enthusiastic writers! The admin do a great job of making sure characters who are created for the site have good depth to them. I've seen several levels of writers on site, but the coolest thing is...they're all growing! Not only that, but the on-site plot is insanely interactive and hugely dependent upon member interaction and decision-making. I've been in RPing for...good grief, 17ish years now? And yeah, there's something special going on here. If you wanna explore some political intrigue, strong character development, and the rumblings of the wizarding world when HP and his friends are all in their adults years, you should come check HFTA out. There are so many friendlies always waiting to say hello and answer questions in our cbox, so make sure to give a shout out!
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    I've been on the site for a good two years and have witnessed it evolve from its starter stages to what it is now. Not only does this place have great members (and friends), we have great admins who do take things seriously and change things up, keep things in moderation, do their best to keep the plot consistent and exciting. In a way, like how some video games have consistently new game content to download, it's like that for HFTA (the short form) and it's rather consistent — one IC month takes up to two RL months and there's always a transition period in between to make everything smoother and way neater. In my opinion, the fun part is when we're being kept in suspense and when plot stuff gets revealed, all of us tend to explode (for all the good reasons, of course).
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    Hogwarts: From the Ashes aims to foster an inviting and encouraging environment for its members. We are freeform and character-driven, with an underlying plotline which you, as a member, may choose whether or not to take an active part in. Our goal is simple: to provide a fun and welcoming foundation for creative roleplaying. We aspire to have mature members who are accepting and tolerant of each other, who wish to better each other, themselves, and our group as a whole through service and friendship. We expect members to give their best efforts, both in and out of character.
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    Last night I said there would be a fun use for those shiny buttons you can have in your mini profile. I'm pleased to announce that the Top Submitters system is ready to be tested! (and probably broken, but it shall be un-breaken!) Top Submitters is essentially a leaderboard that tracks participation across key areas of the site. Those areas are: Resource submissions (Codes, Themes and Documentations) - 2 points each Reviews (for Resource and Roleplay Sites, Codes, Themes and Documentations) - 2 points each Requests (for Affiliates, Character Adoptions, Employment and RPG Search) - 1 point each Referrals (for new members joining RPG-Connect who post an introduction thread) - 10 points each At this stage it's very basic and only one leaderboard is available. Once we've fine tuned (broken) this one, I will be adjusting the code so that the primary leaderboard resets at the beginning of every month, thus allowing a level playing field for new members and those just starting to create their own resources. A "Top Submitters of All Time" leaderboard will also be created, because that is wonderful data. REMEMBER: You don't need to add a credit linking back to RPG-Connect to submit your resources here. For those who want to, we absolutely appreciate it! But it's not required. Your resources belong to you. But what do you get for being on the leaderboard? That's where the shiny shiny buttons come in. The buttons you've added to your member profile under "beloved sites" will display under your leaderboard entry. The more you submit, the higher you climb the ladder -- the more prominent your site buttons. How do you get points? The system is automatic. Once your resource, request, or review is approved, the database will recieve your participation and the points will be recorded. You don't need to worry about anything there! If your resource, request or review is approved but the points do not appear, please PM me! Referrals are a tiny bit different. When you refer a new member, make sure they know to enter your username when they create their introduction topic. There is a field in the posting box they can fill out, and this is what the system checks to see if the new member has been referred, and who they have been referred by. This does mean that referred members will need to create an introduction topic. Again, if the system doesn't recognise the referral, please PM me! Looking forward to seven hundred thousand bug reports! I'm pretty excited about this feature (it made me swear a lot) and I hope you guys enjoy it! Love always, Your Sadri.
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    Shiny shiny button time! You may have noticed that my mini profile in forums now proudly displays a site button! You can also show your site pride for up to three sites by adding them to your user profile! To do this, go to your profile, and select "edit profile" from the top-right of the banner. You'll see a new section called "beloved sites", and six fields beneath it. That's a link field and a button link field for each site that you would like to show off. Just make sure that you put Site One's link with Site One's button -- and so on. Or there may be chaos! The world might disintegrate into ash or something, who knows. Images should be the 88x31 affiliate buttons. You may link to any roleplay site, resource site, or other page that you'd like to show off. Please do not link to adult content (excepting 18+ roleplay sites). These buttons will also be used as part of another feature that is in development... stay tuned! Have fun, guys!
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    Journey to the Stars is set in the Heleus Cluster within the galaxy of Andromeda. The year is 2820 and it's been 5 years since the first arrival of ships from the Milky Way. The golden words are anything but... so now what are you going to do? Write your own destiny and explore an entirely next galaxy while earning credits and xp!
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    I think this is so beautiful for a first time public skin! Can definitely see it become one of those 'standard' skin lots and lots of RPs use because of how awesome it is. Way to go! ❤️
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    World of Pern is a canon Dragonriders of Pern. Set on the brink of the Fourth Pass and following the re-establishment of the Northern Weyrs after a catastrophic landslide in the South, which took out a large portion of the Dragonriders, World of Pern focuses on character development and exploration, with occasional site-wide plots thrown in to shake up the whole planet! We are an 18+ community, and have been around since 2012.
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    This idea actually comes from someone else at another RP resource site that I thought was pretty cool. (They made a nice, pretty template but I don't know if I can do there here so you guys get a nice, not-so-pretty traditional template. Some questions were taken off Google.~) [center][img=your representation url (don’t use your real photo, please)] Age • Species (e.g. penguin, human, alien) • Zodiac (sun) / Zodiac (moon) / Zodiac (year)[/center] [b]Confidence[/b] #/10 (1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest) [b]Motivation[/b] #/10 [b]Creativity[/b] #/10 [b]Experience[/b] #/10 [b]Favourite quote:[/b] [b]Likes[/b] -Movies -Books -Games [b]Dislikes[/b] -Weather -Products -Brussel sprouts [b]Personality[/b] (in a nutshell) [b]Thoughts[/b][/center] (feel free to add/delete) [u]Do you believe in ‘love at first site?’[/u] Answer [u]If you were stuck on an island, who or what would you take with you?[/u] Answer [u]Do you believe in destiny? How about free will?[/u] Answer [u]Does a person’s name reflect the person they are or will become?[/u] Answer [u]If you could have one super power, what would it be?[/u] Answer [u]If you could teach everyone one concept, what would you teach?[/u] Answer [u]Do hardships and obstacles make a person stronger, weaker, or is there no change?[/u] Answer [u]How would you describe any one colour to a person born blind?[/u] Answer [u]How could you describe any one sound to a person born deaf?[/u] Answer [u]What animal do you think is your spirit animal? Why?[/u] Answer [u]If you were an animal, what would you be? Do you look like this animal?[/u] Answer [u]How do you foresee human technology/advancement in the next 50 years?[/u] Answer [u]Which is more useful: wisdom or intelligence?[/u] Answer [u] Is it better to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond?[/u] Answer [u]What two questions would you ask to get the most information about who a person truly is?[/u] Answer [u]How do you think art impacts society? Is it beneficial? Is it caustic?[/u] Answer [u]How do you think science impacts society? Is it beneficial? Is it caustic?[/u] Answer [u]What do you think your future self will remember about you now?[/u] Answer
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    Audio books with friends. So we have a thing on my server, where everyone in a while me and my friends get together on discord and I will blast the latest audiobook. We will spend the days from start to finish listening to the books that we enjoy. A lot of our inspiration is found listening to Tim Gerard Reynolds, or Nick Poedehl. They always fit the genre that we try to stick too.
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    It really depends on the reason I am needing a recharge. If I am burnt out on writing, I go and do some mind numbing things. I'll play Sims 4 or watch Youtube until the cows come home. Sometimes I'll play other games too, currently I am on an insane Binding of Isaac kick. When I am burnt out though I just need something to take my attention away from the site and just let me veg. If I don't have ideas for writing, I'll head to pinterest and tumblr and browse. I never really browse for anything in particular, usually something that inspires me will just pop up as I continue down the rabbit hole. I don't if this happens to anyone else, but I have experienced it a few times this year, but sometimes I get too inspired. I'll have all this inspiration and so many avenues to take with my character that I get overwhelmed by it all and just can't seem to sit down and write. In these instances I usually try to get out of the house, because clearly I have spent too much time on tumblr/pinterest. 😅
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    Coders: If you're not familiar with the cult of Flexbox, this documentation will change your life. This documentation describes how to use Flexbox to create content that intelligently expands to fit screens of different widths, and even reorders elements based on the screen size.
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    Good catch! Have enabled reactions for usergroups other than myself... XD That's one that I have to do, and it's been done. 😄
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    all the colors make my eyes super happy!
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    I'm not too worried cause you said you haven't looked over the mobile version yet, buuuuuut: the float banner on mobile blocks the ability to login/register, you need to scroll down and switch to the default theme. From a quick look around, the site is otherwise pretty fine on mobile, some of the layout (like the character adoption listing) breaks a bit but you can still read it fine? The social media share buttons are only showing their colours in mobile, and in my dekstop broswer (firefox), the icons are iforgotthenameforthem the boxes with just numbers and letters in them?
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    Hello world! Gonna be working on some shiny graphics soon!
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    Community Guidelines RPG-Connect is dedicated to creating a safe and respectful space for all members. To that end, we have set expectations for how members of our community conduct themselves in the public forums and in our Discord. Breaches of the Community Guidelines will be assessed on a per-case basis, with the most serious infractions resulting in a permanent ban from the community and all community services. Minor breaches will be addressed with warnings, with failure to behave appropriately in future resulting in permanent ban. Content Guidelines All content should be appropriate to the forum or listing it is posted in. Content in listings should be correct, and accurate to the site, resource, or request it is submitted for. All content posted in public forums should be rated at PG-13. Where possible, all content in listings should also be rated at PG-13, though some leeway is allowed for sites rated 333 that contain some violence or language references in their advertising material. Any images posted on the site (including for sites rated 333) must be workplace appropriate, eg. no graphic nudity or clearly sexual imagery. This is to allow all users to confidently browse the site from any device and in any place. All discussions should be conducted in a respectful and rational manner. If you cannot enter a discussion and respond with respect to the beliefs and ideas already expressed, we ask that you do not respond in the thread at all. If your reply begins with "no offense, but" or "I don't mean to be horrible, but" it's likely that your response is not suited for that particular discussion. At this time, we allow threads that discuss typically inflammatory topics such as religion and politics. We trust that our members will conduct these discussions in a respectful manner as outlined above. If this proves to be false, the Community Guidelines will be updated to reflect what topics are no longer permitted for discussion at RPG-Connect. Posting of adverts and site links is limited to the areas outlined in the Where Can I Advertise? topic. All other links will be removed and the poster warned. Account Guidelines All members should have only one account of their own, and account sharing is not permitted. If multiple representatives are required for a site listing, a Site Account may be created to give all representatives the ability to edit and update the listing. Members should have only one user account. Duplicate accounts will be merged into the original account. Members should use a valid email address when registering their user accounts. All notifications (including listings about to expire) will be sent to this address. Members may change their display name at any time. Display names must be rated at PG-13, may not contain slurs, and we ask that unnecessary punctuation be kept to a minimum.
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    I wanna do work things on sites.