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  2. I'm a preschool teacher! I work with 3-4-year-olds all day every day 🤣 They call me Miss Rainbow! It's tiring but I adore going into work every morning and being tackled by hoards of little ones. Its literally like being tackled by a group of puppies that are crazy happy to see you again. I'm helping to teach them a second language through interactive learning. The more fun they have, the easier they learn new things. I get to go to work in dinosaur patterned dresses, I'm living the dream! Some perks: • No day is the same • It's a highly active job and keeping me in shape • I get to play with puppies that talk • "Professional cat herder" should have been the job title
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  5. PC gaming. Being able to have all my games in one place is certainly convenient, and on top of that it's easy for me to stream them whenever I'd like. Nintendo or Sony?
  6. I'm a moderator of one Discord RP server, the administrator of another, and planning on making one more in the future, so of course I favor it. There's something far more versatile and intimate about using it as opposed to a cbox. That being said, I'm a part of a site that uses cboxes actively, so it's not like I'm against the idea of using them, either. (Granted, they're ICCs.) But the fact that cboxes require active maintenance and cannot be directly tied to each other the way that channels can leads to them being inconvenient. In addition, people get more chatty on Discord than they do in a cbox. For a forum that's not as much about creating a tight-knit community and wants to look more active on the forum, Discord might not be the best fit, but otherwise I think it's a good choice over cbox.
  7. This is something that bothers me endlessly in RP. But then, that's something I notice a lot with RPers with little experience writing outside of RPing - they use needless and tedious ways of describing what's happening in a post to make it sound prettier. Purple prose is everywhere. It's especially prevalent on Tumblr, but I've seen it on forums, too. I don't think the act of drinking a glass of milk needs a full paragraph to describe it, thanks. And while we're at it, second person POV writing. I'm fine with this in fiction outside of RP, but in RP it's just awkward. Stick with third person limited omniscient.
  8. This is so incredibly useful, I will be modifying those lists over the weekend. Let me know if any others! I don't use templates, so it's up to you guys to tell me what you want. XD
  9. Totally excited to get Realm of Roleplays going! It's going to be great.

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  11. Special characters in names. I don't know how to do that fancy thing. I will never tag you.
  12. On CW I'm rapidly running out of plant names.
  13. Guest

    The Wild Hunt

    Hey folks! We are doing a little bit of a beta/soft opening. We aren't totally done yet, but we are accepting members who don't mind the forum being a little rough-around-the-edges. Even if you just swing by to give us feedback, that'd be awesome!
  14. Aurora reviewed Valhaven in the Roleplay Site directory and earned 2 points!
  15. I WONDER WHICH GENIUS CAME UP WITH THAT 🙄🤣 I love coming up with thread titles. Sometimes its song lyrics, or other times it's a horrible pun, or something really meta. I have so many favourites with current threads: Woosh. You have smol pener. He might be your father but he ain't your daddy I swear by all the salt in me. No pressure but...
  16. Finally joined this thing, hello world!


  17. Aurora


    Hey there! I'm one of the members of this site and have been around since the beginning, back in November 2016 (holy pants almost 2 years already, really?!). I have honestly loved my time around the site so far, there's always a variety of events and plots to get involved in. New and old members alike are always welcoming and wanting to play with the newbies that join. The staff are just downright awesome, and the key to why VH has been running for as long as it has. There are monthly activity checks and post requirements, but personally, I don't think they ask much of you; just a bare minimum for being in a forum rp. They do seasonal events and the town feels very much alive with a wide variety of locations and characters to explore! What are you waiting for? Come and play with us!
  18. Journey to the Stars is set in the Heleus Cluster within the galaxy of Andromeda. The year is 2820 and it's been 5 years since the first arrival of ships from the Milky Way. The golden words are anything but... so now what are you going to do? Write your own destiny and explore an entirely next galaxy while earning credits and xp!
  19. Another issue I found is that screenshots are barely viewable in the listing screen: At the bottom they are about 15px's tall which makes it impossible to see and do anything with. Additionally, it looks like the embed for roleplay sites is broken. See above.
  20. Realm of Roleplays is a non-traditional forum roleplaying site where instead of choosing your path one is provided for you.
  21. This issue is in a lot of places. I assume that you are trying to use FA5. If so I wrote a guide on how to fix it here: https://rpginitiative.com/topic/10307-how-to-get-fa5-to-work-on-your-ips-site/
  23. What pieces of a skin would you like to see more premades of? Profiles? Mini profiles? Topbars? 

  24. Is there any way around this requirement? Why should I require others to join this site. I am the Admin... Please consider all the work I did for the app to post my site to find this small insignificant challenge. All Representatives Required

    Add the RPG-Connect accounts of all staff members who represent this site.
    1. Poe the Villain

      Poe the Villain

      It's simply asking for the accounts of all of your staff members that are on the connect in case they want to bump the ad or such. It is not a requirement for your entire team to join. If you are the only staff here put your account in the space. 

    2. Sadrienne


      Yep! As Poe said, it's there to state which members on Connect have permission to edit/bump the ad (especially if you're using a site account rather than a personal one). You only need to put your own username in there if it's just you. ❤️

  25. ulla submitted angels dragged my throne to the Codes & Templates directory and earned 2 points!
  26. ulla submitted shadows where you are to the Codes & Templates directory and earned 2 points!
  27. *posted as "Information Template - Other" since this template doesn't fit into any of the categories given DO NOT REMOVE CREDIT. comment here or on the linked resource site to let me know that you're using it the image is 500x400px and the accent color is #680E17.
  28. *posted as "Information Template - Other" since this template doesn't fit into any of the categories given DO NOT REMOVE CREDIT. comment here or on the linked resource site to let me know that you're using it the image is 500x400px and the accent color is #680E17. View full code
  29. so in submitting some of the codes i have to the code & template resources here i've noticed that not all of the templates that i want to contribute have applicable code types from the given list. would it be possible to add a few? here are a couple that i've run into over the past day that would be nice to have (or near-equivalents), but i'm sure there are better ways to phrase them than what i could think of: wanted ad thread tracker character plotter - multi social media (phones, mock-ups, etc.) general miscellaneous/other
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